Employment Opportunities


It shall be the duty of the Administrator to hire and adequately staff the departments of this Board.  Applications for employment are accepted as positions become available and are kept on file for a reasonable period of time.  Applicants will be interviewed, references checked, and a criminal background check will be done.  Drug screening is also a prerequisite for employment.  Eligibility requirements for initial and continued employment with this agency are:  (1) a valid N.C. driver license; (2) a valid social security card; and (3) reliable and accessible transportation.  The ability to drive and the accessibility of a vehicle are mandatory, since duties may necessitate the use of a vehicle.  All appointments and/or promotions shall be based solely on ability and personal background integrity.  Equal employment is guaranteed to all persons.

Upon being hired, a new employee will work part time.  These employees will be paid an hourly rate, with no employee benefits.  When the opportunity for full time employment becomes available, the employee will have a probationary period not to exceed ninety days.  Upon the successful completion of the probationary period, this being determined by the Administrator, the employee’s status will change from probationary to full-time, therefore instating salaried wages and a full benefit package.

If interested in applying for a position please come to the office and ask for an application.

We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Sales Associate